WORLDCHEFS | webinar – kennis – Engelstalig

Dear Chefs,

Learn all about Ingredients that are Underused & Overlooked by Chefs in our upcoming webinar!

Here, the At-Sunrice team introduces Chef Todd Coleman, co-founder of Delicious Contents, a chef instructor, an editor, and a digital director who has seen every side of the media and food world—behind the lens, on the page, and beyond. He will talk about some underused and overlooked ingredients in your kitchen that will surely transform your cooking.

Learning outcomes:
Prepare delicacies made from underrated ingredients of Eastern & Western hemispheres.
Ingredients that contribute to the unique taste and flavour globally.
Present finished products with the appropriate garnish.

Practical Information:
Topic: Ingredients that are Underused & Overlooked by Chefs
Where: 2PM CET on ZoomFacebook LiveTwitter, and YouTube!
When: May 10th, 2023



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